Landscape: exercises 1


Mark making

Examples: Landscape drawings

(For larger images and information, see the image gallery at the end of this section.)

We can imagine Ruskin sitting on a mountain or hillside drawing. We sense he is awed by the majesty of the mountains, overwhelmed by the sense of space and force of Nature. He is attempting to capture that sense in his drawings, by selecting and emphasising as he draws.


Range of pencils from HB to 4B, eraser, and graphite sticks.



  • On a spare piece of paper make a dictionary of marks with the pencils: faint to dark, press hard and brush the paper lightly. Grade the marks through a spectrum without taking the pencil off the paper. Scribble and make short dots
  • To do the next part you need a high viewpoint with a clear view, possibly overlooking a city or a landscape.
  • Select the main point of interest and sketch it in lightly.
  • Referring to your dictionary of marks select the marks, which express the textures and tones of the scene in front of you. Some marks will be dark, others light. some clustered together, other spread wide apart.  Those in the distance will be faint.
  • Make the objects in the foreground dark and those in the far distance light, this will emphasise the send of space.