John Ruskin was a great supporter of a group of painters called the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood and he helped them to become widely recognised by society.

The PreRaphaelites wanted to revolutionize the art world by painting great historic events and the myths and legends of the past in brilliant colours and vivid detail.

An example of the the PreRaphaelite style is:  William Holman Hunt: A converted British family sheltering a Christian missionary from persecution by the Druids

This painting shows two things of which Ruskin would have approved:  firstly its rich detail and intense colours, and secondly the storytelling element.

The painting is full of religious symbols and references which bring to life the story of persecuted believers.

Although Victorian England was mainly Christian and today we live in a secular society, yet the theme of religious persecution is still alive.

Also, art forms, such as films and graphic novels which have the power to tell stories have a very modern feel about them.