Nature: exercise 1: Line

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Q Ruskin used a number of simple outline drawings , Why?

A Like a pianist practising scales, the artist learns through drawing accurately

Details of exercise: Line (leaf drawing)
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Technique: pencil, eraser, tracing paper

Ruskin believed everybody should be able to draw, if you can write you can draw. Practice leads to improvement. As a musician practises scales, so the artist practises drawing.   David Hockney says he draws every day.

The first exercise is line drawing.

Example: plant forms (such as a leaf)

Materials:  2B pencil, eraser, tracing paper, two coloured pencils.

Exercise: lay the plant form by the side of the drawing paper, draw it on the tracing paper, then overlay the paper over the plant and see how accurately you’ve drawn it, then remove the tracing paper and correct it with the coloured pencil, test it, then correct it again with the second colour.