Teaching activities


Tips for introducing a painting to a class:

  • 'Brighton Pierrots' by Walter SickertReveal the painting section by section over a number of days. Each time a new detail is revealed the children can make predictions about what might be in the rest of the picture by looking at the details.
  • Display the painting in the classroom for  a number of days with a tape recorder or ‘graffiti wall’ for children to add comments or questions about the painting. Once the pupils’ comments and questions have been gathered a class discussion could follow on.
  • Introduce the painting to the whole class in a question and answer session designed to take the pupils into the painting as outlined on page one.
    Show the painting to the class for a minute or so and then cover it up or taken away. Ask the children to remember what they could see.
  • Show the painting to one or two willing volunteers. They should then describe what they have seen to the rest of the class. Pupils could then draw what they have heard described to them and then see how well the versions match up.