Lines of enquiry


Use this painting as the starting point for developing pupils’ critical and creative thinking as well as their learning across the curriculum. You may want to consider possible ‘lines of enquiry’ as a first step in your cross-curricular planning. Choosing a line of enquiry area may help you to build strong links between curriculum areas.

After using strategies to aid looking and engagement with the painting and by using questions to facilitate dialogue about the painting you can work with the children to develop lines of enquiry that will interest them.

Here are a few suggestions of possible ‘lines of enquiry’ using this painting:

  • Brighton now and in the past
  • Seaside environment
  • Contrasting environments
  • World War I
  • Entertainment

Using one or more lines of enquiry as your starting point consider how you can work in a number of curriculum areas to build strong and truly cross-curricular links…

Example line of enquiry: Brighton now and in the past