Links to history and geography


  • Use Google Earth to locate Brighton. Using clues from the painting decide where this scene could be located in the town.
  • Discuss seaside holidays and entertainments in the past and today.
  • Sickert painted this scene in 1915 during World War I. Discuss why there might be so many empty deck chairs? If some of the audience are injured war veterans how might they be feeling?
  • Investigating coastlines and seaside habitats. What is the landscape like? Compare and contrast the coastal habitat of Brighton with your locality.
  • Discuss who works in seaside towns and on the sea.

Detail from 'Brighton Pierrots': men wearing bandagesYear 5 and 6 pupils at the Blake CE Aided School in Witney used ‘Brighton Pierrots’ as a stimulus for discussion of WW1 Britain. They collected family photos, letters and other items from the period and wrote their own poetry and prose responses inspired by the painting ‘Brighton Pierrots’.